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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas 2009

Way back in 2007, I managed to complete one of these.

Last year, I managed three days.

This year, I am determined to do at least MOST of the pages!

My promise ....

1st December ....

2nd December ....

As you can see, I am also determined to force myself to use my own handwriting as much as possible from now on - even though I hate it. My mum and my granny are no longer here, so when I find something that has their handwriting on it, it is such a thrill - knowing that THEY wrote it. I am hoping that my own children and grandchildren will feel like that if they ever look at any of my journals once I'm gone.

Yesterday was also the day for putting up the Advent Calendar. Tim and I don't usually bother, but I bought this MDF advent house kit from Art from the Heart, when I did the ScrapAttack weekend with Dyan earlier this year. I made the wee gift boxes myself and hung the numbers from a brad on top of each box. A Cadbury's Roses choc just about fits into these boxes! I'm taking the odd dates and Tim is taking the evens! :-) Once a box is empty, it's put back the wrong way round so the date is not visible. As you can see, the 1st has been eaten already! lol

Last year, I got a gift of an ear-flap hat from the wonderful Eleanor and I loved it so much, that I've actually got two or three now. This my latest buy:

It's so cosy and comfy, I have to force myself to take it off once I'm indoors! :-)



Photographing Mom said...

Your handwriting is beautiful, Bobs!!

WeirdCat said...

Very jealous of ear flap hat!!
Ruth x