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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Birthdays and Eggs

My eldest granddaughter, Kali, was 10 years old today. It's so very hard to believe that a whole decade has passed since she was born, a very bonny 9lb 2oz!

Happy birthday, my sweetheart! xxx

Her grandad loves her - and she loves him right back!

Past the age of dolls now, one of her gifts was a nail jewellery kit.

Saffron wanted to show me her toy cat. It's little pink tongue pokes out when you press its head!

Beautiful Aaliyah.

On to the egg .........
Kerry gets her eggs from a girl she knows from the gym. This girl has her own hens and the eggs are wonderful. Anyway, Kerry was a bit 'down' yesterday and was missing Simon. She picked up an egg to cook and was amazed to see this on it ........

.... a little knobble on the shell in the shape of a perfect heart!

Nature is wonderful and delivered this heart at just the right time, when Kerry needed a little love!



Photographing Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Kali!!

That egg is so special!

Rach said...

Love the egg I think Suzy might be jealous of that one! Lol

Liz said...

Beautiful Grandaughters. Where does the time go. I've just past the 13 year mark with Samuel!!
Perfect heart at just the right time.

WeirdCat said...

Fab pics, love her hair, just like mine was at that age!
Ruth x