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Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Room with a View

My lounge is a really awkward long rectangle shape, with patio doors at the end of one of the long walls. There is a really lovely view from those doors, over the garden and beyond and up till now, this view has been somewhat wasted. I have always wanted a little bistro table and chair in that corner, so I can have my tea in the morning, looking out over my garden.

I can't afford a proper circular table, but I found a rather unsteady square, roll-up garden table, which will do for now. I sewed a crisp tablecloth from some white sheeting along with a table topper sewed from a remnant of purple fabric.

So now, I can sit like Lady Muck, with my cup of tea and posh pinkie, looking out over all I survey! Or rather, with my 'Nightmare Before Christmas' oversized mug and my laptop!

I will get my dream circular table one day, though!



Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful view and love the purple and the sunlight!

Eleanor said...

Just saying I think of you.
That's a lovely purple too.

M Hastings said...

Well, until you get your circular bistro table, that square one seems like a pretty good setup to me. And your purple topper puts it all together perfectly.

Lorraine said...

Good job there, Bobs.