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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Today was a glorious early Spring day. The sun was shining in a brilliantly blue sky and it was wonderful to get out into the garden to take some photographs without being almost frozen to death!

My snowdrops are still flowering and I unintentionally caught a little visitor in this shot. Can you see him?

The new red wood and fluffy white pussy willow, contrast nicely with the gorgeous blue sky.

Yes, today it definitely feels as though Spring is just around the corner.

Last week, I had a photoshoot with Jodie.

I'm quite pleased with the results!



Rach said...

Beautiful pictures Bobs, all of them. Love the ones of Jodie, she has legs to die for! Bet she was bloody freezing though. x

Photographing Mom said...

I see the little guy!! Great photos, Bobs!!

WeirdCat said...

Great pics but how the heck was she not freezing!! Did you get the message over on Canny that Gwyneth was asking after you?

Eleanor said...

Hello dearest Bobs
I think of you, and send you new shoots and opening buds and everything else that spring, with the promise of new life, can bring you.

Celly said...

All great photos.

I love snowdrops (and I see the little visitor).

As everyone else mentioned, that looks really cold.

And that's pretty cool; the almost on-point seemingly barefoot.

Veronica said...

Me gustó mucho tus fotos!!!
Te mando un gran abrazo desde la Argentina.
Por favor, seguí subendo fotos a tu blog!!!!!

Noura said...


Beyond The Garden said...

love the visitor on the snow drops. I placed an ant on blossom in my own blog yesterday. I guess we are just glad to see that the bugs are able to come out without freezing.