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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

April Showers!

April showers are meant to be showers of rain, aren't they?

Well, two days ago, we had these ......
Yes - hailstones! Eek!

I saw a melted one, caught in a lupin leaf.

I didn't expect to see a dandelion in full bloom!

The Pussy Willow have almost all fallen from the trees now and are carpeting my grass instead.

It's still much too cold to stay outdoors for long, so I've busied myself crocheting this beauty! It measures approximately 4ft square and I'm thrilled with it!

It will be carefully washed and stretched into shape, then stored until Jodie has her first baby. Whenever that will be! :-)



Rach said...

Beautiful shots and I love the blanket. x

Photographing Mom said...

Those are some big hailstones!!!
Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

The crocheted square is great. And you finally have a working blackberry.