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Friday, 2 April 2010

Elgin Cathedral

Yesterday was one of the most diffcult days of my whole life so Kerry and my grandchildren took me to Elgin Cathedral today to try to cheer me up a little.

The weather was gloriously sunny, although a bit sharp in the wind! I haven't been inside this majestic old cathedral ruins since my own children were around the ages my grandchildren are now.

The front entrance.

Life-size statue. It looks as if it should belong on a giant's chessboard.

Tombs of long-forgotten men.

Skull carved into the wall in one of the buildings.

Light and shade.

Having a rest!

Beautiful sculpture on a tomb.

Kali, Saffron, Aaliyah and Cameron.

Yes, the sky really WAS this colour!


Spot Cameron!

Aaliyah and Cameron.

Pillar and vaulted roof.

There are so many of these winged head carvings on the uprights of grave slabs in the cemetery that surrounds the cathedral. There are three in this shot alone!

Go directly to .....

This is such a stylised skull. Very unusual.

You can find out more about this beautiful ruined cathedral HERE



Photographing Mom said...

What an absolutely stunning place! Gorgeous pics.

Hugs on your day!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos. I particularly like the one entitled "shadows"

Marlis said...

I am a German gal (well age doesn't matter, does it?) who visted Scotland in 1984 and left her heart behind. I came with my class on a 3 week field trip and Elgin Cathedral was one of the many wonderful places we visited. What wonderful memories came back looking at your great photos. Thanks for sharing. If you should have any pictures of castle Druart please be sure to post. It's a place I'll remember forever. We walked at low tide across the bay and up a very pebbely beach. I thought I'd found a little abandoned bird egg all brown and grey just like all the other rocks. Nay, it was a musket shot. To this day, it's one of my very favorite possessions. Who fired it, when, and why? Books could be written about that wee little (but heavy) ball of lead...

Kirai said...

Wow, I love the cathedral shots. So rustic and beautiful.