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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Finally .....

..... after a long slog, I actually have a working Blackberry again. My original one went in for repair, to the shop in Aberdeen, about a month ago and after two and half weeks, I went back to collect it. They couldn't repair my own one, so I got a reconditioned one, duly took it home and tried to charge it up.

Tried - but failed miserably. So next day, I had to drive back to Aberdeen again, which is over 40 miles away, to see what was wrong with it. Turns out it had a faulty charging socket, so it too was sent away.

A week and a half later, I got word that it was ready to be collected, so I drove in again to Aberdeen this morning to take it home. But before I did, I got them to check that it was charging ok because I really didn't want to have to go all the way back again! I left it with them for an hour while I went for a coffee and when I went back, all was well. Hurrah!

Got home at lunch time, finished charging it and .................. guess what?

It wouldn't let me set up my email account on it and it didn't have the Application Centre, which you need so you can download Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc etc.

I was almost in tears as I drove BACK AGAIN in the afternoon! Turns out I'd been given a corporate Blackberry, instead of a personal one. Not the fault of the shop staff, but of the repair centre. Anyway ..... after some long phone calls plus doing stuff on the shop computer and on my Blackberry, they finally managed to reset it to the proper specifications, then I got them to sort my email account and get the Application Centre too.

Dear, oh dear, oh dear. What a saga, Eh?

But at long last, it seems to be working properly now. I love my Blackberry, but it dents your confidence a bit when things go soooo wrong.

Here's a pic I took with it earlier this evening, of me and my new HUGE "Save Planet Earth" mug from the Disney Store!


1 comment:

Photographing Mom said...

So glad you got it all working again! Love the pic. That mug is huge!!!