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Monday, 26 April 2010

I Love it!

Spring time just HAS to be my favourite season. Everything is coming back to life .... including the insects!

These bumblebees are amazingly acrobatic!

First ladybird of the year!

The ladybird and the hairy caterpillar from a previous post, were sitting on the leaves of an old cornflower plant. It began life many years ago as a cutting from a coffee morning at one of our local schools. It has multiplied and spread since then and out of all the plants in my garden, it is the one that seems to attract most species of insect to it.

It is in bud just now ...

Just before I came indoors, I spotted the moon in a bright sunny sky.


1 comment:

Photographing Mom said...

Stunning photos! Amazes me...we see the same moon...