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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another Shawl

This time, a lady's half-circle one, with so much drape, it took ages to finish!

It was worth the work though because it is so comfy to wear and cosy too!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Blue Light Festival

Every year in our little town, the emergency services - Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade etc (hence 'Blue Light')- hold a charity fundraising event.

Cameron and Kali were there in their capacity as members of the Scout movement and were either helping to direct traffic in the car parking area, or helping out on the stalls.

Some of my friends also help out by posing for photos in their Star Wars costumes, while shaking a charity bucket for donations! Simon was one of those this year!

So, Kerry and I took Aaliyah and Saffron with us, so we could browse and have a good time in the lovely spring sunshine.

The girls with Kit Fisto!

Me with the mighty Chewbacca!

Imperial Guard.

Darth Maul.

My great-nephew Mark, was singing with his school choir.

They got to try doing CPR on a dummy in theback of an ambulance.

They tried on a diving mask in the Police Diver Unit van.

Then they queued up to try to walk between two lines of little cones, whilst wearing 'drunk goggles'!

Much hilarity followed!

Feeling hot and waiting for an ice cream!

After I came home, I went into the garden and saw this fellow, on top of one of my fir trees.

He has been twittering away for a few weeks now, but I have yet to see him with a girlfriend. I think he is a very lonely little chaffinch.

I also saw these (yikes!) ......

..... and this little creature. I have absolutely no idea what it is, so if anyone can identify it, please let me know!


Saturday, 15 May 2010

On a Roll!

I was fed-up with having nothing to store my crochet hooks in, so this afternoon, I made this .....

The tape I used is really far too wide for this little roll, but it was the only kind I had in the house!

I used some fabric from an old pair of curtains and stiffened it by sandwiching some interfacing between the two layers. I didn't have any of the iron-on sort, so this is sewn on.

I turned up the bottom and sewed slots for my hooks, then sewed a length of tape to the outside, to tie it up with.

So, now I have a neat little bundle for my crochet hooks!


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Didn't We Have a Lovely Time?

I have my four grandchildren this weekend, while Kerry and Simon are enjoying a few days in London.

We went to the park yesterday morning, but forgot to take my camera, so these were taken on my Blackberry. It's a great smartphone, but the camera is rubbish!

In the afternoon, we went to Mill Shore - a lovely little pebble beach with cliffs at either end. I remembered to take my cmaera too!

Auntie Jodie is taking them for a picnic today!


Sunday, 2 May 2010


My garden is a hotbed of insect activity just now! I'm certain I have seen more bees this year already, than I did during the whole summer last year.

Bumblebees seem to be especially in profusion ...

but I also saw what I think may be a honeybee ....

I also spotted another garden tiger moth caterpillar. Thanks to Ellie for the identification!

I really hope the bee population is recovering, because we would all starve without them!