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Sunday, 2 May 2010


My garden is a hotbed of insect activity just now! I'm certain I have seen more bees this year already, than I did during the whole summer last year.

Bumblebees seem to be especially in profusion ...

but I also saw what I think may be a honeybee ....

I also spotted another garden tiger moth caterpillar. Thanks to Ellie for the identification!

I really hope the bee population is recovering, because we would all starve without them!



Eleanor said...

I do agree, not many people stop and think about the significance of bees. Fantastic macro photographs.

Sharon said...

Excellent photos!

Lorraine said...

The bees seem to be HUGE this year too, Bobs. At least, they are down here.

Chris T said...

I've been seeing lots of huge bummble bees too! Great macros Bobs especially like the 1st one