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Friday, 25 June 2010

Friend .... or Foe?

The word today is 'Friend' and I didn't have a shot that was suitable ..... until I saw this in a pic I took yesterday in my garden.

I was so intent on taking a photograph of the fly in the middle of the flower, that I didn't notice his friend until I downloaded the pic onto the computer! Click on the pic for a slightly bigger view.

I wonder if he is waiting his turn, or waiting to pounce!



bobs back with avengence lol said...

love this pic theres some gorgeous colours

Photographing Mom said...

Awesome, Bobs!!!!!!! I love surprises like that in photos. Very creative!

Kat said...

Another beautiful photo, thank you.

Chris T said...

This is great Bobs. Fab lighting on the insects- quite spooky looking, love the cornflower too