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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Game, Set and Match!

I'm really enjoying the tennis from Wimbledon this fortnight. My late grampa introduced the pleasures of this game to my sister and myself at a very young age and we both still love it!

Of course, being a Scot, I'd love Andy Murray to win .... but I really like Nadal and Federer too. So long as the tennis is good, I don't mind who wins!

So, the word today is 'Game' and here is mine.

This is a reproduction old Monopoly game in a wooden box, with proper wooden houses and hotels and a folding board! Pity I have no one to play with now.



Photographing Mom said...

Amazing photo! Love the angle!!

Chris T said...

Great shot. Looks a very interesting version of the game - not seen one like that before