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Monday, 7 June 2010

Handbags from Gladrags!

On her blog today, my dear friend Eleanor has some handbags that she made herself. She very kindly also posted a link to the tutorial, so I decided to have a go as well!

I found this gorgeous purple fabric in my stash. It used to be a lovely top that Kerry gave me some time ago - and the lining used to be a pair of thin linen trousers, also from Kerry. I deconstructed them both ages ago, ironed and folded the pieces and tucked them away in my fabric stash box. Perfect for the handbag!

There is even a wee pocket inside! Although, with hindsight, I should have made it with the same fabric as the lining. Ah well, live and learn, live and learn!

If anyone wants to try making one too, the tutorial can be found here in Vintage RicRac.

I want to make some more now, but I don't have any more magnetic snaps for the closures. Once again though Eleanor to the rescue! She posted a link to a online shop that sells them so much cheaper than I can buy them in the shops. You can order them here, at

So of course, I ordered some and can't wait for them to arrive now!



Just_Fee said...

I think for a first try it's really great!! I personaly love the contrasting pocket on the inside. I know I'm no master of sewing but iron on interfacing might help next time, just makes everything a little more sturdy and I like to apply it to slippy fabrics.
If you ever in aberdeen the market street, market(the red building) has what looks like a wool shop but it sells a mix of everything and they have the bag clasps much cheaper than any where else in Aberdeen :)

Eleanor said...

Way to go, that has to be the fastest turnaround ever! Beautiful colour and fabric, and thrilled you went ahead and made one, and as you've found, it's addictive. Good to get some Christmas gifts made, anyway, just need a one hour blokey gift tutorial now!
love and all