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Thursday, 24 June 2010


Very unusual was the match played at Wimbledon last night between Mahut (Fr) and Isner (USA)! I won't bore non-tennis people with the details, but it will be going into it's third day this afternoon!! Brilliant!

This clock was a gift a few years ago and I think it's unusual enough to use as my pic of the day today. The little mouse swings on the pendulum below the cat. I love it!

It was a glorious day yesterday, but it is cloudy again today. It would be so lovely to have a few sunny days strung together for a change.



Photographing Mom said...

Very unusual and VERY cute!!

Mandy Stapleton said...

LOL that would drive my cat crazy. xox

Chris T said...

Saw a bit of the "unusual2 match & wish I could have seen more- incredible & such a shame there had to be a loser. Love the clock - it is very unusual