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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

'Hot' seems appropriate for today because it looks to be glorious outside.

However, my shot for today has nothing to do with the weather at all!

I love this kettle because it changes colour constantly, even when it isn't on to boil. Sadly though, it has started leaking so I will need a new one very soon.

I ventured out yesterday to take some July photographs in my garden.

Yellow loosestrife.

A really old-fashioned honeysuckle. Nothing fancy, but the fragrance is mind-blowing in the late evening.

Spirea, bridal wreath. I love the detail on these tiny florets.

This little potentilla flower had a little visitor!

I bought a couple of new crochet magazines on Monday and haven't had a chance to have a proper browse through them yet. I shall make that my task for today!



Rach said...

Love the spirea and it's little dots - stunning. I think I might have this one but not looked that closely at it and now the flowers are all gone. Will have to try and remember next year - like that will happen!! Lol
Rach x

Photographing Mom said...

Amazing HOT!!!!

Spirea!!! That's what those pink flowers were that you asked about on my blog. :)

Beautiful photos!!

Eleanor said...

All such beautiful photos - like Rach my fave is the spirea.
It has been many years since I had a kettle last for longer than 13 months - just out of warranty and they give up the ghost.