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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Saturday Smile and SOS!

I have to come clean and confess that this isn't really a Saturday Smile because it was taken today (Sunday), but hey - it's only one day late!

I had a shoot with Jodie at our beautiful beach this afternoon, but it was too windy to do all we had planned. All of my shots were taken in the dunes and even there, it was windy.

My SOS (Show Off Sunday) shot is this sihouette of Jodie, enhanced just a smidgeon in Photoshop.

I will hopefully have more shots to put in here over the next couple of days!



Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful smile. Love the silhouette!

Igotmebabe said...

Sounds like a great shoot, the pictures are proof.
Love the angle of Jodies head in the one with the hat and the silhouette is gorgeous. You are so lucky to have a willing model :)