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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Transport of Delight!

Well, not so delightful when the spectre of car insurance renewal rears its ugly head. But living in the countryside, it is almost a necessity, not least because bus fares are so expensive too!
Anyway, 'Transport' is the word today and here is my faithful chariot:

Yesterday evening, my sister Irene, my two daughters and my son-in-law had another movie night. This time, it was at Kerry and Simon's house and we watched 'The Big Lebowski' and also 'Life of Brian'. To be honest, saying we watched them isn't quite true. They were on and we saw bits of them, but we chatted, ate, drank and laughed through most of them! Still, a jolly good time was had by all! Roll on our next movie night, when the films of choice are going to be 'Dogma' and 'Jagged Edge'!



Photographing Mom said...

I like how you captured your transport!!

Chris T said...

Nice angle - I'm intrigued as to what car it is 'cause at that angle it looks very "sporty"
Glad you had a fun film night! I think I've seen the first one but don't think I understood it!