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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Sky

It's a beautiful day today and the sky is a lovely hazy blue, but is almost totally featureless! Which is a pity, because the prompt today is "The Sky"!

I looked all round and these little clouds and contrails were the only things I could see!

The hill in the foreground is Mormond Hill - which is not that big, but is the only hill of any height in this area. The summit was used by NATO for many years, as a telecommunications station, but was decommissioned a long while ago.
However, as you can see, it has since been taken over by numerous mobile phone masts!


Monday, 30 August 2010


The start of another new week means another week of new prompts - and today's is 'Beautiful'.

Sometimes I am so engrossed in trying to photograph Painted Ladies, Tortoiseshells or Red Admirals, that these little beauties are often overlooked.
Both wings are a wee bit tattered. :-(


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Weekend Prompts

Saturday's prompts was "Say it with Flowers".
Everyone knows the humble privet. It is normally grown as a hedge and is trimmed regularly. But if it is grown as a shrub - as it is in my garden - and allowed to flower, this is what appears ......

Gorgeous, tiny, waxy florets that attract bees and hoverflies!

My SOS shot for today isn't great at all!
In fact, it's a rubbish shot of these little birds. In my defence, they were at the top of a 30ft tree in my garden!!
The bright yellow flashes on their wings are very disctinctive, but I have never seen them in my garden before.
Can anyone help identify them?


Friday, 27 August 2010

Decoration and Time

My 'Decoration' from yesterday, is hanging up under a shelf in my craft room, along with another one further along, which is similar. They are so pretty and make me smile!

Today's word is 'Time' - something we all never seem to have enough of nowadays!
These are my two alarm clocks - one battery-powered, the other electric. Just in case!

So yesterday, I was in hospital in Aberdeen to get a Barium Swallow, to see how bad my hiatus hernia is. Well, it's pretty bad. Half my stomach is above my diaphragm, when it should be wholly below it. Now, I have to wait for another appointment with the consultant to see what treatment is needed.

Hope I don't have to wait for too long.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Fly and Button

Yesterday's word was 'Fly' and I saw this on my front doorstep. I don't mind them when they're outside, but I hate them in the house. Urgh!

Today's word is 'Button' and this is the button on the side of my Crocs. Sorry it's such an awful photo!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Nine Years Ago Today.

You never said "I'm leaving"
You never said "Goodbye"
You were gone before I knew it
And nobody knows why.
A million times times I've needed you
A million times I've cried
If LOVE alone could have saved you
You never would have died.
In life, I loved you dearly
In death, I love you still
In my heart you hold a special place
No one can ever fill.
It broke my heart to lose you
But you didn't go as one
For part of me went with you
My beautiful, darling son.

I love you so much, Craig. xxxxxxx

Monday, 23 August 2010


"Measure" is the prompt for today. The first thing that came to mind was this ....

I prefer to see Shakespeare acted out, because reading some of it is very hard work! I am not surprised that many schoolchildren get put off his works. Let them see it acted by good actors - their minds will embrace it for what it is - pure genius!

Yet another job application rejection letter came through my letterbox this morning. It was for a part-time receptionist job at a local vet's office. I KNOW I could do this with my hands tied behind my back and with my eyes blindfolded. I worked as a receptionist for over two years and did it well. What do I have to do to even get an interview - for anything!!!!


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ooooh - a Blog Award!

I received a lovely Blog Award from my dear friend Lorraine! Thank you so much! xxx

Now, there are some rules that go along with receiving this award.
1. Thank the person that gave it to you.
2. Post it with pride on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself. Eeek!!!!!!
4. Post a picture you love.
5. Tag 5 other people for the award.

Three things I love about myself?
1. My strength - even though sometimes I don't feel too strong.
2. I love the fact that I have produced two such fantastic daughters.
3. My ability to laugh in the face of adversity. If I didn't, I'd be forever crying!

Now - a photo that I love. Well, I took this one of Jodie last year and it is still one of my favourites and one of which I am most proud.

Five other people to give this award to:
In no particular order .....
1. Tammy
2. Chris
3. Ellie
4. Jo
5. Janette

Thanks again, Lorraine! :-)

Sorry, but .....

... it's another butterfly!
This is a Small Tortoiseshell and it is my SOS photograph!


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Oh Moon, grow bright ....

Although not quite full yet, the moon was shining so brightly last night, that I just had to take a photograph of it.
It's definitely not as sharp as I would have liked, but it's ok. So this is my SF4A for today.


Friday, 20 August 2010

In Bloom

This little petunia must have seeded itself from one of my tubs last year. It is growing between the slabs on my patio and is far too pretty to pull out!


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Busy Week!

What with one thing and another, I haven't had time to do the prompts from 'Our Space', or to blog, until today.

So here is my catch-up!

Monday - Friends (my bed family!)

Tuesday - Tools (sadly unused for such a long time)

Wednesday - Overgrown (the old fence down the side of the paddock)

Today (Thursday) - Bugs (two butterflies on my buddleia this morning!)


Sunday, 15 August 2010

SF4A and SOS

Yesterday, Kerry, the kids and I went to the cinema in Aberdeen, to see How to Train your Dragon. It was great fun!
Afterwards, we went to Codona's fun fair and had a lovely time on the rides! I won't go on roller coasters, but Kerry and all four kids love them! I just took my little point-and-shoot camera with me, so the quality isn't good, but I love this one. Kerry's hands in the air, with Kali beside her and just a wee glimpse of Cameron's arms in front of them!

My sister and brother-in-law have just had a wind turbine erected in their garden next door. I could watch them all day!


Friday, 13 August 2010

Not Five ......

.... but 'Many'!
I do love cats. :-)

I have the dentist today to get these broken teeth seen to. I can't get an appointment with my own dentist, so to say I'm a bit nervous is an understatement!


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Four ....

I love drinking wine out of these glasses! It seems to taste better than from an ordinary, little glass! :-)

Well, what a day yesterday. First off, one of my teeth broke off at gum level when I was brushing them. Yikes. Luckily, it isn't painful at all - I think the tooth must have been dead for a while.
Then I had an appointment for a Endoscopy in Aberdeen. I was going to have it done under sedation, so Irene (my sister) took me in her car, so she could drive me home again. However, once I arrived, I decided not to have any because it meant I could leave immediately afterwards instead of having to wait to recover. It was still lovely to have Irene there too. :-)
Well, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but it was (just about) bearable. Turns out I have a hiatus hernia! I have to go back in for a barium swallow, to see how bad the hernia is and they will take it from there.

Today, my throat is still sore, but so is the upper part of my stomach. Hope it settles down soon.


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Three ....

Today's word is 'Three'. Can you see a pattern this week? lol :-)

I was brushing my teeth this morning when one of my canines completely broke off at gum level! Now I have a very unsightly gap on the top left. :-( Luckily, it's not painful ..... yet.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

One, Two ......

Time for a new week of prompts and they are all numbered, so Monday and Tuesday are 'one' and 'two' respectively.
I didn't manage to get here yesterday, so this is a wee catch-up.

One ......

Two .....


Sunday, 8 August 2010


IS it Sunday again already?

Old bridge at New Aberdour beach, taken a couple of weeks ago.


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday Free for All

I joined Postcrossing a few months ago and have already received 101 postcards from across the world! Here are just some of them ....

My mum used to collect postcards and when she died, my sister got them and now I have them. I don't really collect postcards per se, but it is a lovely feeling to get mail through the letterbox that ISN'T a bill! :-)


Friday, 6 August 2010


Today's word is 'Play'. I have always been mad keen on handheld game consoles. I had an original GameBoy - and all the other GameBoys that came out - and now I have a Nintendo DS.

I'm replaying Professor Layton's Curious Village again just now! The case behind is filled with just a few of my games.

Yesterday's photograph showed me crocheting the edging of another throw. Well, I finished it late last night and this is the finished article.


Thursday, 5 August 2010


The word today is 'Sit', so here I am, sitting at my little table, crocheting the edging of yet another throw!

Today is a difficult day for me, because it would have been my son's 34th birthday.
Love you and miss you every single day, Craig. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


My hand!

I had to go to hospital this morning to see a consultant about problems with my gullet. I have to go back in as a day patient and get a camera stuck down there to see what's going on. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm glad it's getting done so quickly so that it can get sorted out as soon as possible!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The word today is 'Special', so what better than the definition!


Monday, 2 August 2010

Surf's Up!

Cameron and Kali attended a Surf Academy yesterday down at Fraserburgh Beach. Seven hours of intensive, yet relaxed, surf training. They had a ball!!

Kali is back today for another go! I guess we know what Santa will be bringing them this Christmas! :-)


In the Red!

The word today is 'Red' and I decided to have a mixture of items!

My oldest two grandchildren attended a surf academy yesterday, on our beautiful beach. Neither of them have ever surfed before, yet by the end of the day, both had managed to stand up on their boards!

Photographs to come soon! :-)


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Show-Off Sunday

Today, I'm not so much showing off a photograph. Instead, I'm showing off the throw that I finished crocheting yesterday.

Here it is, on my bed. It's nothing special - just a simple throw - but it's the first king-size throw I've made and I love it! :-)
You can also see my doll's house in the background!

So yesterday morning, like a proper klutz, I knocked my mug of tea and it spilled all over the keyboard of my laptop! Aaaarrghhhh!! I immediately lifted it and turned it upside down to drain as much liquid out as possible. It was like blood ..... a little seemed to go a long, long way! My first instinct was to turn it off, because well, electricity and liquid don't really mix, but it seemed to be working ok, so I left it on - and anyway, I figured the heat that it generates would help to dry it off.
So today, it still seems to be none the worse for its tea bath!

Thank goodness!