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Friday, 27 August 2010

Decoration and Time

My 'Decoration' from yesterday, is hanging up under a shelf in my craft room, along with another one further along, which is similar. They are so pretty and make me smile!

Today's word is 'Time' - something we all never seem to have enough of nowadays!
These are my two alarm clocks - one battery-powered, the other electric. Just in case!

So yesterday, I was in hospital in Aberdeen to get a Barium Swallow, to see how bad my hiatus hernia is. Well, it's pretty bad. Half my stomach is above my diaphragm, when it should be wholly below it. Now, I have to wait for another appointment with the consultant to see what treatment is needed.

Hope I don't have to wait for too long.



Chris T said...

Oh! she is pretty , lovely shot too! like the clocks :-) Hope you're feeling ok today & they can sort you out without surgery {{hugs}}

Photographing Mom said...

Agreeing - she's a pretty one!!

Great time photo, too. I've got two alarms, too...what's it say when I shut 'em both off. LOL

Hope things get back to normal soon!

Eleanor said...

Cripes, that's a bit grim Bobs, hope there's some non invasive treatment which will do the trick smartish.