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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Four ....

I love drinking wine out of these glasses! It seems to taste better than from an ordinary, little glass! :-)

Well, what a day yesterday. First off, one of my teeth broke off at gum level when I was brushing them. Yikes. Luckily, it isn't painful at all - I think the tooth must have been dead for a while.
Then I had an appointment for a Endoscopy in Aberdeen. I was going to have it done under sedation, so Irene (my sister) took me in her car, so she could drive me home again. However, once I arrived, I decided not to have any because it meant I could leave immediately afterwards instead of having to wait to recover. It was still lovely to have Irene there too. :-)
Well, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience, but it was (just about) bearable. Turns out I have a hiatus hernia! I have to go back in for a barium swallow, to see how bad the hernia is and they will take it from there.

Today, my throat is still sore, but so is the upper part of my stomach. Hope it settles down soon.



Photographing Mom said...

Awesome glasses!!!

Gentle hugs!!

Chris T said...

The glasses are very unusual - great! You seem to be going through the ringer at the moment - hope things improve soon - hugs from me too!

Igotmebabe said...

Love these glasses :) First the hospital and then the dentist :( Seems like it has not been your week, hope things pick up soon...and you get another (((hug)))