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Monday, 23 August 2010


"Measure" is the prompt for today. The first thing that came to mind was this ....

I prefer to see Shakespeare acted out, because reading some of it is very hard work! I am not surprised that many schoolchildren get put off his works. Let them see it acted by good actors - their minds will embrace it for what it is - pure genius!

Yet another job application rejection letter came through my letterbox this morning. It was for a part-time receptionist job at a local vet's office. I KNOW I could do this with my hands tied behind my back and with my eyes blindfolded. I worked as a receptionist for over two years and did it well. What do I have to do to even get an interview - for anything!!!!



Photographing Mom said...

Great shot, Bobs!!!

Hugs on the job situation. :'(

Chris T said...

I totally agree - although Russ can't stand seeing the plays either & hates it when a film crops up & I wan't to watch. Thank goodness for Sky+
Hope you get a job sorted soon {hugs}