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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Show-Off Sunday

Today, I'm not so much showing off a photograph. Instead, I'm showing off the throw that I finished crocheting yesterday.

Here it is, on my bed. It's nothing special - just a simple throw - but it's the first king-size throw I've made and I love it! :-)
You can also see my doll's house in the background!

So yesterday morning, like a proper klutz, I knocked my mug of tea and it spilled all over the keyboard of my laptop! Aaaarrghhhh!! I immediately lifted it and turned it upside down to drain as much liquid out as possible. It was like blood ..... a little seemed to go a long, long way! My first instinct was to turn it off, because well, electricity and liquid don't really mix, but it seemed to be working ok, so I left it on - and anyway, I figured the heat that it generates would help to dry it off.
So today, it still seems to be none the worse for its tea bath!

Thank goodness!




Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful throw and look at all those teddies!!!!! ;)

And yes, the birds are called Junco. There are different types.

Lorraine said...

Oh, well done for finishing it, Bobs. It looks super on your bed, hun. Can I have it please? lol.
Very lucky you didn't drown your keyboard, ha, ha.