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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Weekend Prompts

Saturday's prompts was "Say it with Flowers".
Everyone knows the humble privet. It is normally grown as a hedge and is trimmed regularly. But if it is grown as a shrub - as it is in my garden - and allowed to flower, this is what appears ......

Gorgeous, tiny, waxy florets that attract bees and hoverflies!

My SOS shot for today isn't great at all!
In fact, it's a rubbish shot of these little birds. In my defence, they were at the top of a 30ft tree in my garden!!
The bright yellow flashes on their wings are very disctinctive, but I have never seen them in my garden before.
Can anyone help identify them?



Chris T said...

I like the idea of growing the privet as a shrub, the flowers look very pretty. Your SOS shot reminds me of a victorian fine art print - it's so delicate. I'm pretty sure the birds are young goldfinches just developing their adult plumage. We had one very tame (more likely couldn't fly well) one visit us a while ago -

Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful privet flowers!!!

The birds are gorgeous, too!!