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Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I have never been the world's greatest cook. I don't like cooking and if I won the Lottery, I would never cook again.

Delia Smith has been teaching us all to cook on British TV for years and years and this is one of her books. I bought it ..... but have yet to actually USE it!

It's very windy again here today and my wheelie bin has been out since last night. I really should go and check to see if it is still there!



Rach said...

I think I may have this book knocking about somewhere! I have actually taken a picture for this prompt now just got to see if I get round to posting it! xx

Photographing Mom said...

Hate cooking, with a passion, Brenda! I've got lots of cookbooks, too! I keep thinking someday I'll use them and someday hasn't come yet. LOL

I like your shot.

Chris T said...

Nice shot - mine wouldn't look as good as that as it's well thumbed & food stained. I had it when I was 1st married along with the Readers Digest cookery year. I learnt to cook from them but don't use either much now