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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Eye, eye!

Today's word is 'Eye'.

I woke up yesterday with a small, but very painful, swelling on my finger. I was only slightly aware of it the previous day, but never really thought much about it, but it got so painful yesterday, that I popped up to casualty. The nurse had a good look and a bit of poke around with something sharp, but couldn't really see anything. She thinks I may have been bitten by some kind of insect, so she put a huge amount of white cream on it and covered it with tubigrip. The cream, she says, will draw out anything that's there.

We'll see!



Photographing Mom said...

Great photo! (both of them!)Hope the finger heals up quickly!

Chris T said...

Great macro- love the detail on your finger. Great SP but hope the finger is soon sorted