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Monday, 27 September 2010


I never got around to blogging all last week, so here is HUGE catch-up of Our Space prompts!

Monday - Fake
Nowhere NEAR as good as the real thing, but ok in an emergency! :-)

Tuesday - Empty

Wednesday - Loose
Some annoyingly loose stitches. I will have to rip it out and start again!

Thursday - Vertical
Quite a few verticals in this one!

Friday - Melt

Saturday Free for All
I love the raindrops on the blades of grass.

Show-Off Sunday
I saw this beauty this morning!

Finally, on to today ...... Alone
This fly was just having a rest, I think! No flowers were nearby and no other beasties either.

So there we are - I've finally caught up! :-)



Photographing Mom said...

Superb catch-up. Your empty shot is too cool! Love the verticals, too!!

Chris T said...

Some really great shots here. Do love the empty one - how long did that take to get? Love the spider, love the fake - I could go on......