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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night!

I've been a bad blogger again and missed a couple of weeks. Ooops!

Hallowe'en is a big deal for my family and friends. The kids enjoy it, but we adults have an even better time and always spend a lot of time and effort into making our costumes!

We party at Jodie's house .......

My girls take their good looks from me, obviously!

The cute werewolf had no idea that Nosferatu was behind him!

Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett were there .....

amongst many others!

Then we make our way through the streets ..... our local pub.

Karaoke cuties!

Aaaah, such fun!!

Roll on next year!! :-)

Last night was Guy Fawkes night and we had our annual bonfire in my paddock, with all the family in attendance! We had a wonderful fun-filled evening of fireworks, food and drinkies and it was FABULOUS!!

Unfortunately, only one of my pics was any good and it was this one!

This is the guy that Kerry, Simon and the kids made to sit on top of the bonfire. He was very happy looking, considering he was just about to go out in blaze of glory!


1 comment:

Eleanor said...

Nobody does it better - what amazing photos, you really do go to town. Next year I think I will have to come and see you all in the gruesome flesh.
We've been here just over a week, will blog soon. Am happy, I think we will love it here.