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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Still, the snow is falling.

Last night, it was falling as heavily as I've seen it for quite a few years. But eerily, everything seemed to be bathed in a strange orange glow .......
It isn't street lights, because I don't live in town. This was taken at around 01.00, with the camera sitting on a stool by the open front door, set with a 2second exposure. It really has captured what it was like!

By the back door, you can see how much snow had fallen by looking at the wheelie bin! Once again, you can see the orange glow in the sky.

This morning at 11.00am, this was the view through the patio door!

It really is beautiful, but I want it gone!


1 comment:

Photographing Mom said...

Wow! That orange glow is something!! Sending warm wishes your way.