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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter has Arrived!

It's not even December yet and we have snow. I think almost the whole country has had some during the past few days!

I took these this morning, from my front doorstep.

The telephoto lens has foreshortened this scene dramtically. The big white sign is actually much further away than it looks here! The sky was sooooo grey when I took this.


Cotoneaster again, with frozen droplets of water on the leaves.

A few blades of grass poking up through the snow.

One end of the patio wall.

I think the snow is very pretty, but I hate the problems it causes. I was supposed to be taking Jodie and Grahame to a studio lighting course in Elgin tomorrow (Jodie modelling, Grahame and I just two of eight photogrpahers who were going to be photographic her), but I have had to pull out because the road conditions are just too treacherous! I'm gutted that I had do it and I feel awful for letting Jodie down, but it would have been foolhardy of me to even try to get there.

Roll on spring.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

The prettiest of weathers is always the most dangerous, which doesn't seem fair really does it?

You have some fantastic photos here. Love the blades of grass especially, reminding us that there is still life out there :D

I'm doing CJ's 12 days too, so thought I'd come and say hi x