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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cold and Time

Hmmmmmm - I think it's about time I defrosted my freezer again!


Yesterday, I had two more teeth extracted, taking me further along the path to my goal of getting rid of them all. I've been having trouble with my teeth (teeth breaking and crumbling, getting numerous abscesses etc) for years now and finally decided that enough was enough.
It was the turn of the last of my molars yesterday and oh my, they really did not want to come out. None of the other molars were too difficult, but these two took the dentist 40 minutes of struggling before they relinquished their grip. I was ok while it was all going on, but today, my mouth and jaw are definitely feeling the ill effects of all those struggles.

My next appointment isn't until 21st February, so it will have plenty of time to heal before then.



Photographing Mom said...

Great photos, Bobs! Hugs (gentle ones) on the pain. :'( Hope it gets to feeling better real soon!

Becky said...

Cool pictures. Literally! LOL

Igotmebabe said...

Love the shots. Hope your mouth heals quickly, You are brave, there is nothing worse than face pain xx