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Friday, 14 January 2011

Two-day Catch-up.

Yesterday, the word was 'List' and what better list than this week's Our Space prompts!

Today's word is 'Wire', but I suppose this would be better described as 'wiring'. Yes, it very dusty ..... but life is too short to dust the garage.
Sue me! lol

Finally today, a rare visitor to my garden popped in this afternoon. A red-legged partridge.
In my haste to photograph it before it ran away, I failed to notice my camera was on totally the wrong setings and the image was almost completely black. This is the best I could do to improve it, but it's still rubbish.

I so wish I could take pics from outside, but there is nowhere for me to hide, so I have to content myself with having to shoot through a triple-glazed window.



Photographing Mom said...

Such an awesome list!! ;)

I won't sue you. I have dusty wiring, too. (inside the house!)

Even the "rubbish" photo is good, Bobs!

And that's lichen on a tree on my photo that you commented on. :o)

Igotmebabe said...

Great catch up, love the dof in your list shot

Chris T said...

I have trouble dusting the house let aloe the garage! love the idea for the list & dof is great. At least you got a photo of the partridge that's the main thing- what a great visitor to have!