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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bad Blogger, yet again!

I've been sucked in by the heady world of the iPhone and have been doing very little 'proper' DSLR photography. Instagram especially is very addictive and I have taken loads of pics using it.

Here are a few, taken over the past couple of weeks or so.

Jodie modelling for a lighting course I was taking part it. This was at the fab Elgin Studio Hire , on Sunday 20th Feb.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses , in Fraserburgh. This is where I buy many of my postcards for Postcrossing.

Kinnaird Head lighthouse, was the first official lighthouse in Scotland - and the only one to have been converted from its former use as a castle. This gorgeous building used to warn passing ships about the rocky headland at the entrance to Fraserburgh. Sadly however, it is now decommissioned and has been replace with a tiny (and ugly) automated one. BUT .... the lighthouse itself now forms part of the museum and guided tours take you right up to the walkway around the outside of the lantern. The views over the town and harbour are worth the climb! :-)

It's getting towards the end of February and at 5.00pm, the sun still hadn't set!

Old Aberdeen is a gorgeous area. St. Machar Cathedral is not particularly pretty, but the gravestones in the churchyard are fascinating. One of the old graveslabs even has fossils in it!

A cloud at sunset, doing a passable impression of a UFO!

Kerry, Rhona, Jennifer and I were at a Quiz Night yesterday. We called ourselves The Pussycat Trolls and finished in the acceptable position of 6th out of 15 teams, in what was a VERY hard quiz!
L to R: Kerry, Rhona and Jennifer.

I am in the middle of crocheting a baby shawl at the moment.

Finally, I read this morning about this idea for journalling and decided to give it a go!
You can find the tutorial and the principle of it all, here .

This is the longest blogpost I've done for a long time!! :-)


Monday, 7 February 2011


What could depict the USA more than apple pie? :-)

I have to own up and confess that I stole this image from a web page, then added an Instagram filter. Yes, I cheated! lol


Sunday, 6 February 2011

I have finally got an iPhone and I love it so much already! :-)

One of the apps I downloaded is called 'Instagram' and it's just fab. This is a pic I took a few minutes ago - showing my second attempt at baking bread. I tried yesterday, but didn't leave it to rise for long enough, so the finished bread was heavy and stodgy. I haven't sliced into this one yet, but it looks much better than yesterday's!

Ahhhh - it looks as though Instagram only publishes a link to the pic - not the pic itsef. Oh well!