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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Catch-Up and More

Lid. My favourite teapot.

Under. Various chimes and dreamcatchers hanging from the frame of the front door.

Carved. Wooden balls hanging round one mast of a twin-masted wooden ship, berthed in Fraserburgh harbour just now.

Key(s). My collection of old keys. And one Tinkerbell!

I went to the harbour this morning. I saw these sights.

Click on an image for a better view!



Photographing Mom said...

Absolutely stunning photos, Bobs!!!!

Chris T said...

Great set! Fraserburgh looks really interesting. Super harbour shots. it's great to see each persons home town area and get a feel foe where they live :-)

Marie said...

Wow, what a 'catch up and more'! I want to go explore that lovely harbor and then sip tea from your tea pot! That all sounds delightful. I could not see all the key picture the way my computer screen was scrolled so when you said '...and one Tingkerbell' I was thinking, 'Hmm?' THEN I scrolled and saw her, she blends in well with the metal keys!
Lovely pictures! Now, let's see if I can successfully leave a comment here. Marie, FB Our Space