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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Catching up again!

Fraserburgh is situated on the north east tip of Scotland, where the North Sea meets the Moray Firth. Therefore, we have sea on two sides and they couldn't be more different. On one side, we have a glorious, golden sandy beach, but on the other, we have a very rocky coast. This is just a tiny part of it.

One of my many and varied balls of yarn for crocheting!

Perhaps not too tidily placed on the shelf, but in perfect alphabetic order!

My trusty hotty botty!! :-)



Photographing Mom said...

Great catch-up. I love how you put the ball into the branches!

Chris T said...

Great Catchup! Really sharp shots, love the wool on the twig - was a cool cafe in Rome with balls of wool hanging from the ceiling - looked really effective. Beautiful "rocky" - we are so lucky with our British coastline!