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Thursday, 2 June 2011


I have had such problems this morning, trying to capture a satisfactory 'Motion' photograph!

I went to the end of our drive and waited on the verge for some traffic to pass by and tried to take a one or two second exposure to catch their trails, but it is such a gloriously bright and sunny day, that even with the ISO down as low as it goes, I just ended up with a white screen. :-(

In the end I used the 'SlowShutter' app on my iPhone and took this one of myself!

It kind of looks like a triple exposure, but isn't.

Remind me not to choose such a difficult word next time! lol



Photographing Mom said...

Very cool, Bobs!!!!!!!!!

Chris T said...

I think it works well. Still finding my way round the phone - haven't sorted the camera out yet but must have a go soon.