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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Steampunks and Pirates!

My younger daughter Jodie , as many of you dear readers will know, is a model.
Yesterday, she was modelling a steampunk costume designed by Gaia Noir , with all accessories made by Jodie and Grahame, and arranged permission to shoot it in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses , here in Fraserburgh.
Steampunk is a fashion genre, which has its premise as a vision of how Victorians would see Science Fiction!

Top hairstylist at Toni&Guy salon in Aberdeen, Peter Mellon , did the amazing hair!!

Official photos were taken by Grahame Ritchie . The pics will be on his page soon.

Reporters from our local newspaper, The Fraserburgh Herald and also STV Fraserburgh , came along to interview Jodie.

I was there as helper and to take behind-the-scenes pics ....

Peter, preparing to get Jodie's own long red hair tucked away.

Amazing wig, styled by Peter.

Finishing touches in the museum itself.

Posing for a reporter's photo - Jodie, Peter and Grahame.

Afterwards, we went back to Jodie and Grahame's home studio, where Peter added yet more hair - and Grahame took more shots.

Afterwards, another change of costume and it was my turn to shoot!

We all had a fabulous day and hope we all get to work together again sometime!



Photographing Mom said...

How fun!!! Great photos. :)

voodoo vixen said...

How brilliant is that!! I love the Lighthouse Museum, it is such a fun place to go - DS even had a birthday party there many years ago!! Jodie looks fabulous as always... that girls legs just go on forever... love the steampunk theme, it suits her!