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Monday, 6 June 2011


The tallest thing I could think of for today, was my sister and brother-in-law's wind turbine.
It is actually SO tall, that this pic really doesn't capture its height!

I bought a big container of Round-Up weedkiller yesterday. The weeds are slowly (well, quickly really!) taking over the patio and paths ..... and digging them out from between the paving slabs doesn't seem to get rid of them effectively. So that's my next job - finding the time and the weather for waging war on my weeds.
I also bought a tin of woodstain for the garden benches, because they didn't get done last year and are looking a bit worse for wear. I'm hoping to get them done this week sometime too. :-)


1 comment:

Photographing Mom said...

Looks pretty tall! Good luck with those weeds!