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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Three-Day CatchUp!

Ooops - I'm falling behind again, so before it gets too long, here is my catchup for this week!

Wednesday's word was 'Old'. This was one of my mum's favourite ornaments and now I treasure him too.

Thursday' word was 'Round'. This is a hole at the bottom of Irene and Zander's turbine.

Yesterday's word was 'Wooden'. I am in the middle of renovating one of the chairs that beonged to my mum and dad when they got married, almost 60 years ago. I have sanded down most of it using an electric palm sander, but I am having to do the rest with good old-fashioned sandpaper and elbow grease!



Eva said...

I have followed your blog for awhile now and just wanted to say I luv your mothers favorite ornament.Oh and I luv your blog.
Have a great day :)Eva

Photographing Mom said...

Great shots. Love that lil' man!
Please share photos of the chair when you get it finished. :)

Chris T said...

Love your focus on the chair -a labour of love as well I think, don't think I'd have the patience! Is that an Hummel figurine - I have 2 - one was my mum's and the other was my mother-in-laws?