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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pebbles and Pumpkins

Following on from my last post, I decided that I would try crocheting with crochet thread and a teeny hook for the first time. Well - I love it! So much so, that I cut off the woollen cover from that first stone (that's it at bottom right) and made another using the thread ..... and have done two more as well! I am LOVING making these!!

Hallowe'en is on Monday, so I was busy last night carving some pumpkins! I got a large one from Tesco ... and a medium one, plus three cute little mini squashes from Lidl - and this is the result! I am definitely no pumkin carving expert, but I am happy enough with my basic efforts!

(Lightning added for artistic effect!)

Jodie's Hallowe'en party is tonight - and I'm SOOOO looking forward to it! I'm very happy with my costume this year and can't wait to see everyone else's too!

Will try to get some pics up tomorrow! :-)


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