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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Four More

Four more shots for December's Image Quest list!

3 - Tree
I received this tree kit from my dear friend, Sue Nicholson, and finally had time to sit and make it today! I love it! :-)

4 - Bokeh
I may not be the best at taking bokeh pics, but I really love trying!

15 - Santa
I got this gorgeous Santa many years ago and he is very much my favourite!

20 - Hanging
The wreath on the front door, hanging from a cute hanger from Pound World, which cost .... £1, of course! Bargain!



voodoo vixen said...

Beautiful photos and I have to agree... your Santa is gorgeous and he would definitely be among my favourites!! Love the tree... it looks fairly easy to make... hmmmm, I wonder... LOL

Rach said...

Lovely shots all of them but I have to say I still love Santa's eyebrows the best!