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Monday, 23 January 2012

Catching up Again!

16 - Breakfast
While boiling my eggs for breakfast, I managed to catch some boiling droplets bubbling up in the air!

17 - Morning
I was up an hour and a half before this! I had to get up early to sit with my grandchildren, while Kerry took Simon in to the airport.

18 - Fresh
This is one of the flowers that is still quite fresh, in a bouquet I got from my sister before New Year!!!

19 - Rare
Inuit sandstone sculpture of a polar bear sanding over the body of a seal.

20 - Handmade
I made these three mugwarmers yesterday!

21 - Silly
The pheasant was in my garden this morning. They are really silly birds ..... this one spent ages chasing the blackbird around, instead of eating the food on the ground!

22 - White
Only one of my Little Apple Dolls has white hair.

23 - Time
Yes, it is dusty! :-)


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