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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Final Five for January

27 - Bare
This is a cupboard in the bathroom that my children used when they still lived at home. It used to be filled to overflowing with all the toiletries, combs and brushes, razors and the rest, that every teenager needs! Now sadly, like Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, it is bare.

28 - Sky
Lovely blue sky outside the front door. It may look nice, but it was very cold!

29 - Favourite
I do love my Wolf Blass Yellow Label!

30 - Left Over
The detritus left over from making my pincushion set (see bottomn of this post) last night ..... including the chopstick that I broke whilst poking in the stuffing a little too enthusiastically!

31 - False
A bowl full of wax fruits! These look so realistic and a friend once asked for an apple from it!

So, that is January's prompts all done - and I didn't skip a single day! :-)

Finally, a picture of the pincushion set I made last night from a pattern I found on Pinterest.
The pincushion is weighted with uncooked rice and the little bag for holding scraps/thread tails/clippings etc, is detachable.
I love it! :-)


1 comment:

Tammy said...

Good on ya, Bobs!!! That pincushion is simply wonderful! Nice job. :)