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Monday, 9 January 2012

Oh dear!

Yet again, I've been a bad blogger and fallen behind. So I shall begin 2012 with my pictures so far for January's list in Image Quest!

1 - New
New crystal cases for any DVD's I might record.

2 - Cold
The barometer may have said 'Fair', but it was very cold on the 2nd January!

3 - One
Last one! :-)

4 - The Street Where I Live
Not a street, but a main road between two towns.

5 - Beginning
Beginning of the year, beginning of the month, beginning of the word.

6 - On Your Head Be It
One of my summer titfers. I wish it was the weather to wear this just now!

7 - Crisp
The only kind of crisps I am able to eat at the moment!

8 - Boot
My very cosy slipper boots!

I had a lovely day in Aberdeen with Tim recently.
This is His Majesty's Theatre, with the statue of William Wallace in front. The sky was gorgeous!

We went into Yo!Sushi for lunch, where amongst other things, Tim had this ....

.. and I had this .....
Three bowls of Miso soup, with no veggies or tofu in it. Just the liquid. I really can't wait till I can eat proper food again.

We visited the Art Gallery, where I stocked up on postcards for my Postcrossing hobby.
Then, when I got home, I got them written out and here they are, ready to be posted!


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