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Thursday, 19 April 2012


I love the old fishing village of Fittie , which is at the end of the beach and harbour in Aberdeen. One of Tim's friends lives there and we visited him yesterday, so I took the opportunity of taking a few shots of the amazing sheds that belong to the residents.

Imagine having a shed like these? Fabulous!


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses has finally reopened for the season!

At last, I can get local postcards again, to send all over the world through Postcrossing, rather than simply more general Scottish ones!


Friday, 6 April 2012


Kali took part in a short 'Circus Skills' course this week, in the Dalrymple Hall & Arts Centre, here in Fraserburgh. It was organised and run by CircoModo, which is part of TheatreModo.

In only three and a half days, the kids were able to do a multitude of great circus skills - and on their final day, they put on a little 20-minute show, displaying their new skills!

They learned to juggle ....

They made human pyramids, whilst juggling .....

They learned to twirl flag poi .....

They learned how to spin plates on sticks .....

They learned so much more too, including stilt walking and tightrope walking, along with clown skills as well! Kali had a fantastic time and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I could have watched for much longer!

Afterwards, we got the chance to try some of the skills. Here are Kali (right), with her friend Hollie, showing us how to spin plates - it's not easy!!!

Saffron, trying to walk the tightrope.

TheatreModo is such an amazing organisation! They organise and train young people in towns all over Scotland to take part in massive street parades, with huge fireworks displays. Kali took part in one last year and it was amazing! If they ever come to do an event in a town near you, I urge you to go along and take part - you won't ever regret it!

(All pics in this post taken using Hipstamatic for iPhone.)