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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Three of Loki's four kittens have now gone to their new homes - and Asha is the one Kerry, Simon and the kids have kept.

It's such hard work being this adorable!

A little street market appeared in the car park at Saltoun Square in the Broch yesterday! It wasn't advertised, so not many people knew about it, which was a real pity. Although there weren't many stalls, there was loads of variety!

None of my tatties have appeared in my raised beds yet, but the onions are definitely sprouting! :-)

These ominous storm clouds are rolling towards me over Mormond Hill just now! I have washing on the line, so I hope it doesn't rain till it's all dry!!

This is my first blogger entry using the now-compulsory Google Chrome - and I have to say I'm less than impressed. Maybe I'll get used to it eventually, but I suppose I don't have a choice really.


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